2017 Shipper Updates
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April 2017 Tioga Report;PDF resource Exporter Impact Analysis

Implementation Reports
  - Synopsis, Dec 2016
  - Full Report, Dec 2016
Initial Recommendations, Feb 2016

Legislative Presentations
Dec 14, 2016, Watch video of House Interim Committee and T&E hearing including Willamette Valley Intermodal Transload Facitlity Feasibility Study discussion. Download Executive Summary Report PDF resource

Nov 17-18, 2015, Watch video presentation to Senate and House committees Nov 17 and 18

2015 Summer Workshop Results
Learn about discussions through workshop notes from each location.

Portland, July 24—Notes
Redmond, July 28—Notes PDF resource
Hermiston, July 29—Notes PDF resource
Ontario, Aug 10—Notes PDF resource
Albany, Aug 11—Notes PDF resource
Medford, Aug 12—Notes PDF resource

News Feed
Read news articles gathered during initiative activities and research.

Oregon Trade Solutions

In April 2015, with fewer shipping options available for Oregon exporters and importers, Governor Kate Brown launched an initiative to help small businesses get their products to global markets.

As part of the initiative, the International Trade and Logistics' Steering Committee conducted research on the economic impact of the loss of container service on Oregon shippers. The committee engaged with transportation and trade experts in the shipper community to explore their respective needs and concerns, and then got to work developing recommendations to address the issues surrounding the movement of goods.

More than 300 people participated in eight community forums in Portland, Redmond, Hermiston, Ontario, Albany, Medford, Grand Ronde, and Wilsonville as part of the effort. Legislative hearings held in mid-November 2015 provided another opportunity for shippers to make their concerns heard.

In February 2016, the Steering Committee recommended a series of actions to the Oregon Legislature, intended to help Oregon businesses that are facing increased transportation costs, longer transit times, reduced reliability, greater business risks, loss of markets and market share, and other business impacts. The goal is to help Oregon businesses move freight to markets and compete globally.

Initiative Report

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Why Global Trade Matters to Oregonians

Global trade supports farms, forests and manufacturers from Brookings to Baker City and Astoria to Burns. Trade supports nearly 500,000 jobs in Oregon. Nearly 90 percent of the state's exporters are small- or medium-sized companies, and imports into Oregon deliver supplies to our manufacturing plants and goods to our corner stores.
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